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Say Good Bye to Stress, Practice Happiness!

Coaching for Personal Transformation

Off-line and on-line hourly need based sessions.One-to-one coaching to help people come out of limiting beliefs, stuck memories, negativity and stress to move through life confidently overcoming obstacles to reach their goals.

Rediscover Your Awesomeness ™

A specially designed Open Workshop for Students to CEOs. Covering every dimension of life. Participants learn to practice awesomeness in every area of their day to day living.

NLP based Corporate Workshops

NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming
Basic Introduction to NLP | Self Awareness: Meta Programmes, Belief System & Emotions | Developing and Practicing Positive Attitude | Building Rapport/ Inter-personal Skills | Effective Communication Skills | Team Building | Presentation Skills

Creative Writing / Poetry / Books

Slogans, taglines, Jingles, Corporate or School Songs
• The Lion and a Story-Teller On Amazon
• Untitled Life's Random Lessons On Amazon
• Listening to Leading On Amazon
• Carnival of Thoughts On Amazon
• A Little More Than Ordinary On Amazon