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My Journey - A Story By Ramesh Sood

Youngest among all my cousins, I belonged to a business family with sufficiently good means to lead a comfortable life. Busy leading a life of a sportsman, I never really looked at things which were slowly changing the fiber of relationships in the family. It was too late to understand when suddenly, at 20, things changed. It was August, 1980. I lost my mother. (Intuition made me feel the tragedy as I was playing a tournament away from home in another city.) Business disputes with millions involved had enhanced the gulf between families. My old father, who was 70, fell sick and went to live with a cousin. I seemed to have lost everything. I struggled to survive with the help of few kind souls but the destiny had something else in store.

It was February, 1982. I knew it was time to say good bye to all and embark upon a journey into the unknown. My choice was clear – No to unhappy money to a happy normal life of an ordinary. Yet I knew that one needed to be very lucky to be extra-ordinary and that didn’t appear to be the case. So, I made a commitment with myself:

I would strive to live a life of A Little More Than Ordinary.
Here’s how it moved forward:
  • March 5th, 1982. Started afresh, from a zero in an Industrial Township thousands of KMs away from home.
  • 07 long years without even a single promotion or change in work. I was assigned the work of sifting through incoming letters for their onward movement to the concerned sections. I took it positively and reading those letters over the years helped me with information and I learned to write well. Seeds were being sown for my future as a story-teller.
  • 1989. A gift from a friend, the book Tough Times Never Last Tough People Do changed things. Suddenly filled with the energy of possibility thinking, I was able to put up my case for doing something better. I got myself transferred to Materials Function.
  • As a trouble shooter to Head(Materials ) I was given some very tough assignments. My special ability to resolve difficult situations while interacting with people helped me take more interest in observing human behaviour closely.
  • My habit of reading regularly since the age of nine made me read some useful literature. Deep observation and some awesome experiences and my urge to write them down made me come face to face with the poet and story-teller in me.
  • Getting published in Indian Express and then the House Journal made me get noticed during 1990-1992. However, I was failing in developing rapport with people. Constant support of superiors had generated different kind of perceptions in the minds around. I was failing to handle my success. I attracted kind of personal attacks and very soon, I found life a total mess. I was not tuned up to stay in that environment for long.
  • About 1991-92, I read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a book that gave me deep insights. I lived that book to the core for one full year and with my heart and mind pretty clear in what I wanted to do. I offered myself for Learning and Development. I had written my mission statement after reading 7 Habits which stated that I wanted to be a top trainer and sent it to Mr. Stephen Covey who blessed it with a personal letter, a treasure with me.
  • 1993. I took charge of L&D as a Training Officer.
  • Next 17 years saw me rising up the ladder to become an AGM HR – involved in Transformation Work. Ups and downs in relationships with superiors and colleagues always kept me on my toes. Bites followed by balm felt soothing and I was in a trap without realizing it. Good thing was that in spite of emotional turmoil I kept doing meaningful logical work.
  • Life got filled with fascinating experiences. There were rewards, recognition, attention, success and a lot of popularity along with my failure to handle all these gratifying drivers of behaviour. I learned that the moment you attract recognition and appreciation, you also attract hostility. I failed to handle it all. Instead of responding, I started reacting. What a messy mix the life had become! Just two years had changed things. It was the lowest phase of my life.
  • It wasn’t long before I had to make another tough call. My deteriorating health required that I stayed with my family who had moved to the city. I left my job at 50, in the year 2010, exactly the way I had left my home. It was second uprooting.
  • From someone who never ever had failed to smile in ever adverse circumstances I had become deeply stressed, angry, upset, disgruntled, rude and arrogant.
  • Life STOPPED. I deeply contemplated. Got in touch with my inner ‘Self’.
  • Serendipity worked and my presence on Linkedin made me get noticed by the reputed trainers in Neuro Linguistic Programming who invited me to attend their sessions. “You have deep knowledge and experience however, some rough edges needs to be polished…” I attended 15 days course and learned a lot. To learn that I was ‘Away Motivation’ oriented, helped me made better choice. Life was on.

I LEARNED that all that had happened in my life was primarily due to the choices I had been making all the time. Fresh experimentation in living brought me back to what I always was - Responsible, Self-Motivated, Clear, Confident, Creative, Productive, and a Happier one. I picked this ability to understand myself a lot better while understanding others too.

Today, after 38 years of happy struggle, here I am living my calling as a Mindset, Behaviour, Relationships & Communication Trainer and a Coach. I draw from my practice of 7 Habits and NLP and Lessons from a life-time in corporate world. I understand what actually "difficult" really is.

Having practiced happiness for past so many years, coming out of limiting beliefs, doubts, stress, and negativity, I can be trusted to help you and/or yours to get back to life and feel good.

I redefined my concerns to make them positive, I can help you do the same. I can get you to a state of positivity through happy conversation in a matter of about 2-3 hours. Doesn't matter what is your age group. It's OK. Life is magical if you let it be. Simple, it's very simple to lead a stress-free happy life of success.

Practicing Happiness; Delivering Effectiveness, I am .
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