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What Is   - A Story
“RS, let me confess. I do feel anxious. There’s some kind of a fear. What if I fail. A lot is at stake,” a very senior corporate executive was talking to me. He was invited for a very crucial interaction before being considered for a lucrative opportunity. I looked at him and asked, “What if you succeed? I think that’s where you need to prepare.” All his worry vanished in that instant. He prepared and succeeded. Simple. That’s what I do. I keep it simple. Help people keeping it simple. Simplicity is my forte and that’s why .

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Ramesh Sood

Leadership and Personal Transformation Coach / Enabling Personal Transformation for Professional Growth and Next Level Leadership/ NLP & Storytelling / Creator of Rediscover Your Awesomeness™
My focus on keeping it all simple guided me in my work as I embarked upon a project to create a process of Coaching & Training to enable personal and professional transformation. I picked up from a lifetime of experience, as also my practice of Neuro Linguistic Progamming and my unflinching faith in the effectiveness of 07 Habits having lived them for years. Putting it all together I was able to conceptualize, develop and execute “Rediscover Your Awesomeness ™ ” a module of coaching and training which simply flows through interaction, stories and conversations.
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Ramesh Sood
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